SleepWell! 2.11

Say goodbye to battery blues


  • Saves battery
  • Quiet calls at night
  • Event scheduling


  • I'll choose when I switch my phone off


Had enough of losing battery power just as you need to make that important phone call? Well SleepWell! has a nice FlightMode feature that should stop that from happening again. The program does everything it can to protect your mobile's battery, including avoiding loud calls at night.

Also according to your time plan SleepWell! will switch your phone on and off to suit you. Event scheduling ensures you don't miss any important dates and stops you having to rearrange your phone every weekend.

SleepWell! is a nice and convenient utility that allows you to turn Flight Mode on/off (with or without Bluetooth) and to turn the power off automatically in accordance to your time plan.

Both GSM- and Bluetooth radios takes battery a lot and it would be good idea to disable them at night automatically. Also it is good idea to avoid loud call at night. With SleepWell! you can do this easily. Just install the program on your smartphone and sleep well.

SleepWell! has following features:

  • Ability to turn Flight Mode On/Off or switch Power OFF automatically. Basic functionality allowing you to extend battery life and avoid loud calls at night.
  • Bluetooth switching options. It is another important feature because Bluetooth radio takes batteries also. This option allows disabling or enabling Bluetooth radio together with Flight Mode.
  • Flexible time settings. Events can be scheduled on defined days of the week or date or nearest 24 hours.
  • Ability to activate/deactivate switchers. There is no need to delete and create them again
  • Multilingual support. English, Russian and German languages are supported.



SleepWell! 2.11

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